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What options are available to a client who holds a life insurance policy they no longer want or which no longer suits their current financial needs?
Should they allow their policy to lapse?
What is the liquid asset value of that policy?

These are all questions that clients have asked for many years. Now, thanks to life settlements, clients have a new option available to them. As a financial advisor or insurance professional you can help your clients discover that their life insurance policy could potentially be a surprisingly valuable asset. The emergence of a vital and exciting secondary market for life insurance policies has provided policyholders, particularly seniors, with a new and valuable tool in managing their finances. This new liquid asset class is life settlements. A life settlement is a new financial tool that can help your client find value in what they may have thought to be a dormant or underperforming financial asset.

NAF Funding has realized this untapped potential and are recognized as "one of the fastest-growing life settlement brokers in the nation" (BusinessWeek, July 30, 2007). NAF Funding is a leading life settlement brokerage company, representing policy owners and, serving financial and insurance professionals nationwide. To this end, NAF Funding has a dedicated team of professionals who work to get the most competitive bids for a client's policy.




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